What is Segwit?

The term SegWit means “Segregated Witness”. SegWit is an improvement on the current bitcoin blockchain, reducing the size needed to store transactions in the block, being implemented as a smooth fork in the Bitcoin network. It allows more transactions to fit into the block by separating transaction signatures from bitcoin transactions, resulting in faster Bitcoin transactions.

It is important to note that, when choosing the Bitcoin SegWit network to withdraw your BTC, make sure that the corresponding platform or wallet supports SegWit. If you choose a network that is not compatible or assets that are not compatible, your funds will not be recovered.

Please pay attention to choose the correct network when transferring funds. Not all wallets and brokers support all 3 addresses.
Sperocoin Legacy Address (P2pKH) : After the introduction of SegWit to the community, the original Bitcoin addresses were called “Legacy”. These addresses start with “S”.
SegWit or "nested" SegWit (P2SH) addresses : These are multi-purpose addresses that support non-SegWit and SegWit transactions. These addresses start with “3”.

I can use the SegWit address to send SPERO to the original Sperocoin address?
Yes. SegWit is backward compatible with Sperocoin addresses. You can securely send transactions to any external Sperocoin address or wallet. However, make sure the corresponding broker or portfolio supports SegWit(bech32). If you choose an unsupported network or incompatible assets, your funds will be lost.

Does SegWit allow me to send assets other than Sperocoin to my SPERO SegWit address?
No. Digital assets sent to the wrong currency address will result in permanent loss of these assets.